The Great Indoors


Manhattan's city blocks provide the perfect conditions for convention on a grand scale. New York's grid lends itself to linear experiences while still allowing flexibility to intersect with completely different shows - on other streets and avenues. New York as expo.

On the inside, the casino of NYC is the casino of everywhere else – presenting itself not as a unified whole, but as a fragmented assemblage. Exterior forms of casinos around the world are borrowed for their distinctive identities, but undergo formal surgeries – resulting in gaming halls of attenuated familiarity. Here, the dis-figuration of their significant appearances precedes their deployment as ornament. It looks familiar; but then again, it doesn't look like anything you've ever seen before.

Here, the facade of the casino is negated, with only its interior space articulated as if the exterior surface of a palace; while the space between casino and sidewalk is pure convention space – a banal, dematerialized zone that awaits its seasonal occupation. The real facade then is the wall between the two programs of casino and convention. It is the only boundary left. In effect, the facade has been freed, subsumed within the mass of the block, no longer trapped between inside and out.


suckerPUNCH daily Competition
3rd Place with Kyu Young Huh