Practice makes perfect


The town of Callan developed - as did many towns in the 19th century - with their backs turned toward the main waterways. Instead, the main street was where the attention of the town folk was centered. In Callan's case, largely overlooked were its historical medieval lanes, and the Kings River. Through the manipulation and insertion of a new textured ground surface, the Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent(KCAT) Theater Center performs its bridging function while creating new public space. The new ground surface links the main street intersection of Callan directly to all of KCAT's facilities, where a flexible performance hall, workshops and apartments surround a series of rehearsal spaces in which the daily activities of actors and artists unfold. Coupled with a subtle reworking of the Abbey meadow's contoured landscape which creates an infrastructural floodplain for the town, the massing of the project expresses an aggregation of built form at the water's edge - a privilege previously only enjoyed by streets and squares - while organizing a progression of interior and exterior spaces around the daily practice of rehearsal. This project was nominated for the H.I. Feldman Prize in the Fall of 2011.

Yale School of Architecture
Tod Williams & Billie Tsien Advanced Studio